about_imagesSafe4u Toilet Seat Sanitizer and Vanilla Fresh are made by McLintocks. The Australian-owned McLintocks company was established in 1918 in Melbourne to produce cooking essences, the most popular being vanilla extract. Recognising the need for quality, domestic cleansing and sanitizing products, without any residual chemicals, the first cleaning product - McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Fridge Wipe - was launched in 1988 to provide a food-safe cleaning and antibacterial spray.

Safe4u Vanilla Fresh

Now it's called Safe4u Vanilla Fresh and it's so practical because it kills germs – yet it's safe on surfaces where food might be prepared or stored, such as benchtops, stoves, inside coolers or refrigerators.

Safe4u Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Safe4u Toilet Seat Sanitizer was developed in response to concerns about personal health and hygiene, particularly for those with small children who want to feel safe when using public toilets whenever they are out and about.





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